Security Extensive data leakage in at least two Finnish hotels – Booking data of almost 16,000 customers leaked, says hotel chain

According to the chain, several other hotels in Finland have been targeted.

25.4. 21:23

At least Two Finnish hotels were the subject of an extensive data leak in February.

Nearly 16,000 customers have leaked information about the hotel reservation system, says the communication contact for the Nordic Choice Hotels chain Jonathan Blom. He was the first to talk about it MTV News.

Only two of the chain’s hotels were the subject of data leakage, Kämp and F6 from Helsinki, says Blom. Exactly 15,947 customer data fell into the wrong hands.

“Our supplier had a data leak in their booking system. This means that customer booking information has been leaked, ”says Blom.

The supplier responsible for the system is Sabre, which operates worldwide. According to Blom, Saber rectified the situation as soon as he noticed it. According to him, the data leak took place on 10-14. February.

According to Blom, there have been several other hotels in Finland, but the company does not know their names.

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Hotel guests information is only leaked if the booking is made through the hotel’s own website. Reservations made through separate hotel reservation sites have not leaked.

According to Blom, this has been virtually all the information provided at the time of booking: name, address, telephone number, email and booking dates.

“It is always important for us to keep our customers safe and avoid such a situation. Of course, it’s very unfortunate that this is happening, ”Blom says.

According to Blom, the hotel chain has reported the matter to the police and the data protection commissioner. It has apologized to its customers and, for example, advised them to watch out for suspicious emails.

Nordic Choice Hotels is one of the largest hotel chains in the Nordic and Baltic countries. It includes a total of more than 200 hotels. According to Blom, the information leak now reported has only affected their two Finnish hotels.

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