Football | The goalie, who has been stuck in a strange way, is surprisingly getting a new chance

One of the biggest questions in the English League Cup final is who will be Newcastle’s goalkeeper.

Do you remember yet Loris Karius? At least Liverpool supporters remember him, as Karius’ nightmare happened in May 2018 in the Champions League final.

Karius had already played uncertainly in the Premier League, but everything culminated against Real Madrid in the final match. First he threw the ball Karim Benzema to the feet: the Frenchman thanked and placed the ball into the empty goal. The final numbers of the match, 3–1 for Real, were created when Karius slipped his soap glove Gareth Bale shot on goal.

The Champions League final on May 26, 2018 was the biggest nightmare of Loris Karius’ career.

Afterwards, it was reported that Karius had already received a concussion in the first half Sergio Ramos from the elbow. One way or another, despite his words from the Liverpool manager From Jurgen Klopp lost trust in Karius.

The German Karius was loaned to Beşiktaş of the Turkish league for a couple of seasons and to Union Berlin for a season. Last season, Karius was at Liverpool again, but he didn’t play at all.

Karius’ contract expired last summer, and he signed a contract with Newcastle in September. Originally, the contract was only for January, but it was extended until the end of the season.

In Newcastle too Karius has not played a single match, but he is still a likely option to be the goalkeeper of the Saudi-owned club on Sunday when the team meets Manchester United in the English League Cup final.

On top of everything, the final match would be Karius’s first competitive match in almost exactly two years. Karius last played in the Union Berlin match on February 28, 2021. During the World Cup break last fall, he saved Newcastle in training games.

So why is Karius likely to play now?

Newcastle’s number one goalkeeper Nick Pope received a straight red card last Saturday in the Premier League match against Liverpool and is therefore also suspended for the League Cup. The team’s second goalkeeper Martin Dubravka is not allowed to play because this season he has played in the league cup with Manchester United on loan.

So that leaves Karius, 29 and Mark Gillespie, 30, whose last competitive match is even longer than Karius. The Newcastle native played in a League Cup match in 2020, and it would be a dream come true for him to play in the final, which is Newcastle’s chance to return to the cup since 1969.

of Newcastle manager Eddie Howe naturally says he trusts the duo.

“They have trained well this season and are part of our goalkeeping department. Both are fit and ready to play,” Howe told the Newcastle man For the Chronicle.

Karius is clearly a triple goalkeeper in Newcastle, so without the previous final disaster, he would surely be between the posts on Sunday. Howe has also been leaning towards that.

“It would be a great opportunity for him to rewrite the story of his career,” says Howe of The Guardian by.

“As soon as it happened [Popen punainen kortti]it felt like Karius’ career is about to have another story and who knows what that chapter will look like.”

Skysports expert and former player Jamie Redknapp would rather choose Gillespie precisely because of Karius’ previous underperformance.

“The choice would be Gillespie, when you think about the pressure of the final match”.

Howe will only confirm which of the two will play closer to the match.

English League Cup final between Manchester United and Newcastle on Sunday at 18:30. Viaplay and V Sport will show the match.

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