Video: Referee breaks down in tears when she learns that she will whistle the final of the Women’s World Cup



tori thought

Tori thought.

Tori thought.

Tori Penso did not hide her happiness.

the american tori thoughta referee designated for the final between Spain and England next Sunday, is of the opinion that the phenomenon that this
Soccer World Cup in Australia and New Zealand it is “amazing” and that it has changed women’s football forever.

Penso, who already refereed the semifinal between the English and the hosts on Wednesday, was surprised and excited in an interview with the organization for her appointment for the big event on Sunday.
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“When (Pierluigi) Collina lifted up the name shirt and turned it inside out to show my name, I melted,” he confessed. The native of Florida declared that there is nothing better than the moment that she and her companions are living.

“There has been a lot of support for me and the whole ‘crew’, and it is that we do not embark on something innovative that we will never forget” commented the referee. She also thanked the warmth of family and friends that has brought them there. Penso explains that the “pioneering” concept defines someone who forges a path, but who this is not a solitary effort.

The referee qualified by saying that: “You may be the first to pave the way, but you are doing it on the shoulders of giants before you.” about the phenomenon
world that this tournament is being,

He thought that this World Cup is being “astonishing” and that the 75,000 people present at that semifinal match with Australia show that football “has changed forever.”
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