Vélez-Talleres, clouded by violence from the bars in the stands


Velez vs.  workshops

Barras de Vélez and Talleres face each other.

Barras de Vélez and Talleres face each other.

The fans clashed during the Copa Libertadores match.

Velez Sarsfield prevailed in the crossing of Argentine teams and won at home against workshops 3-2 (partial 1-0), in one of the first leg matches for the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores 2022 played this Wednesday in Buenos Aires.

The great match was clouded by the violence that was seen in the stands of the Vélez stadium.

Violence in the stands

brave bars

Fans face each other in a match between Vélez and Talleres.

The violence was present again in the Argentine stadiums, this time in a match that did not allow visiting fans, but in which there was still the presence of infiltrated Talleres fans, which triggered the battle.

The most serious happened at halftime, after the fans of Talleres made themselves known with their songs. Those from Vélez went to meet him and an impressive brawl broke out.


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