Russian attack | Ukraine says it has dropped an important radar surveillance plane for Russia

A-50 aircraft have been used in the Ukrainian war, among other things, to locate Ukrainian air defense systems and to guide Russian fighter jets in attacks.

Ukraine has destroyed one of Russia's A-50 radar surveillance planes, claims the commander of the Ukrainian Air Force Mykola Oleštšuk In Telegram, as well as the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in X. The information has not been confirmed by independent sources.

“Another precious Russian A-50U aircraft shot down over the Sea of ​​Azov. The fall is yet another significant blow to the capabilities of Moscow's terrorists,” Ukrainian military intelligence commented on social media.

A-50 aircraft has been used in the Ukrainian war, among other things, to locate Ukrainian air defense systems and guide Russian fighter jets in attacks, Ukrainian newspaper The Kyiv Independent tells.

There were claims about the downing of the new A-50 plane on Russian Telegram channels and the X platform even before Ukraine's announcement. In connection with these, videos of the fall were also released, showing flashes in the sky and a large fire in what appeared to be a remote area. The authenticity and context of the videos have not been confirmed.

So far, the Russian media has talked about the crash of an unidentified plane in the Krasnodar region on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov. It tells about it, among other things Lenta web magazine citing state news agency Ria.

The Krasnodar regional authorities said that the rescue service extinguished the fire that spread over an area of ​​about 250 square meters. No buildings in the area were reported to be in danger.

The Ukrainian Air Force also reported in January having hit one A-50 model radar surveillance plane.

Director of the Anti-Aircraft Museum Esa Kelloniemi characterized the A-50 radar surveillance plane as an important part of Russia's intelligence system in January. According to Kallioniemi, there are less than ten machines of this model in Russia.

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