Reader opinion In Sweden, the problem of waste collection was solved with garbage bags of different colors

One waste bin is enough. Waste is only sorted at the other end based on the color of the bags.

On the opinion page (HS 12.3) was written about the waste collection of detached houses. I will tell you about the Swedish system, which should also be considered in Finland.

Our friends live in a detached house in Eskilstuna, Sweden. They have one trash can to collect everything. The idea is that there are different colored bags for each type of rubbish: for example, biowaste goes into a green bag, mixed waste into gray and plastic into yellow. The bags are obtained from the collection company, and when the bags of a certain color are exhausted, the last bag is placed as a mark, leaving the company to replace the new bundle. Works. This is just an example, I don’t exactly remember the colors of the bags.

The same car picks up the bags from one collection container, and sorting takes place only at the other end based on the color of the bags. Metals and glasses are taken to our collection center by our friends. The same system would also be suitable for Finland. No extra boxes are needed to take up space and ruin the landscape.

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Mia Aaltonen


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