Labor disputes | Negotiation result in the labor dispute concerning locomotive drivers

If the negotiation result is accepted, the train strike will end.

Service industries the employers Palta and the Railway Union RAU reached a negotiation result on Wednesday evening in the labor dispute concerning locomotive drivers, informs Palta.

If the negotiation result is accepted, the locomotive drivers’ current ban on overtime and shift changes and the strike will end.

The entry into force of the collective agreement requires the approval of the negotiation result by the administrations of both parties. The administration’s decisions will be announced on Thursday.

VR may get some passenger trains running already tomorrow, it was said in VR’s communication to STT this evening after the outcome of the negotiations had emerged.

Kingdom Mediator the office announced the negotiation result on Twitter.

“The solution will be processed next in the federations’ administrations and the final result of the processing will be announced tomorrow, Thursday early in the afternoon”, wrote the office.

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CEO of Palta Tuomas Aarto says that he hopes for a solution early enough on Thursday that the trains will be able to run as normally as possible already on Friday.

“This is now up to the administrations to decide,” he says.

The parties have agreed that the content of the negotiation result will not be made public before the final solution, as is customary in such situations.

Locomotive drivers strike started on mondaywhen Sunday’s negotiation results still did not produce results.

According to HS’s information, the parties have been looking for a solution on Monday and Tuesday outside of the official negotiations as well.

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The unions already reached an agreement once last Thursday, but the administration on the employee side overturned the agreement.

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This is very rare. If the reconciliation reached between the unions’ leadership falls apart even a second time, it is already extremely rare.

However, this is possible.

Moderately it has also been special that the strike is not due to wages.

Locomotive drivers have no longer demanded higher pay increases than other sectors. According to VR, the average salary in the field is around 5,000 euros.

According to HS’s information, the creation of the agreement has resulted from the entry of continuous free time in the collective agreement.

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According to the current collective agreement, “continuous free time arranged in connection with weekly rest must be at least 56 hours”. The drivers have demanded that in order to guarantee a better recovery, they should get at least 64 hours of continuous leave once a week.

The employer side might have agreed to the proposals if the additional hours had been replaced by reductions in other working conditions.

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Over here a solution has been sought for the collective agreement this week.

The employer side will probably accept the proposal because it would have been ready to accept the previous solution as well.

The running of the trains now depends on how the representative council of the employee side views the solution.

Rau’s board and the soon-to-be-resigning chairman Tero Palomäki the agreement made last time failed in the representative council by votes of 38–33.

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