James Rodríguez: hard message to Sao Paulo fans after missing a penalty



James Rodriguez

James Rodriguez.

James Rodriguez.

His club was eliminated from the South American Cup.

Liga de Quito, with one less man throughout the second half due to the expulsion of alexander alvaradoentrenched, resisted and won the penalty shootout, 4-5, against Sao Pauloto get into the semifinals of the South American Cup, where Defense and Justice of Argentina will be measured.

The São Paulo team managed to equalize the tie in regulation time (1-0), but stayed on the shore on their way to repeat the 2022 final due to a mistake from eleven meters away. James Rodriguez, hero and villain tonight in the Morumbi.

(Video: James Rodríguez missed a penalty and Sao Paulo was eliminated in the South American Cup)
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The Colombian midfielder assisted the Ecuadorian from the corner Robert Grove, who scored the only goal of the match with a header in the 77th minute to take the decision to the penalty lottery, after the 1-2 defeat in Quito.

The message

The man from Cucuta sent a message to the fans of the club in which he expressed what he felt at the moment.

“Today I missed a penalty for a decision, something that has never happened to me in my career. I take responsibility for the elimination. I would like to thank the São Paulo fan who once again filled Morumbi and supported the team,” he said.

And he added: “I am very sad, but I am sure that my story at the club is just beginning and we will have many reasons to smile together.”
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