Formula 1 | Can a 50-year-old be an F1 driver? After the fitness tests, Fernando Alonso talked stupidly

Fernando Alonso evaluates himself positively.

Double world champion Fernando Alonso says that he will start the F1 season in top shape physically.

Aston Martin driver Alonso, 42, says In Autosport magazine that he has changed his fitness training compared to recent years. According to Alonso, the change has shown up really positively in the tests showing his physical condition.

Alonso says that his endurance fitness, strength levels and reaction abilities have been measured in the same way for several years, so he has a clear basis for comparison.

Alonso says that he adopted a new nutrition program and tried to increase his muscle mass by changing his training. Still, according to Alonso, endurance and reaction ability are still at an excellent level, and the test results are, according to the Spanish star, “very positive” as a whole.

Alonso also said that he now had more time to train after last season. There wasn't a lot of other spending and traveling now, so there was also time for the body to properly recover and to calm down in general.

Alonso now feels so refreshed that he gives quite optimistic assessments about the continuation of his F1 career.

“A few years ago, I would have said that 40 or 41 years is the limit. Now I thought that there were still years ahead, when I saw myself motivated and very capable last year.”

“This winter I have slightly exceeded expectations in physical tests and in everything I did. So if you're motivated and committed, you can drive until you're 48 or 49 or even 50,” Alonso said according to Autosport.

Alonso finished fourth in the F1 points table last year. He won his world championship in the 2005 and 2006 seasons behind the wheel of Renault.

The 2024 F1 season starts at the beginning of March in Bahrain.

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