War of Ukraine The Washington Post: Russia sent a note to the United States

The U.S. newspaper says it saw a copy of the note sent after the U.S. announced additional $ 800 million in aid to Ukraine on Wednesday.

15.4. 21:26

American newspaper The Washington Post Russia has sent an official diplomatic note to the United States.

A U.S. newspaper said on Friday it saw a copy of a note sent after the U.S. announced additional $ 800 million in aid to Ukraine on Wednesday. The United States plans to send military and other security assistance to Ukraine.

According to the newspaper, Russia sent a note this week. The note warned that sending U.S. and NATO “most sensitive” weapons systems to Ukraine would “fuel the conflict” and could have “unpredictable consequences”.

By “most sensitive” weapons systems, Russia meant heavy rocket launcher systems, but the United States or other NATO countries are not believed to have supplied such weapons systems to Ukraine.

Of the United States the aid package announced on wednesday includes helicopters, armored vehicles and weapons and ammunition. With the package, Ukraine’s defense system is more in line with Russia’s. The first arms delivery will arrive in Ukraine in the coming days, U.S. officials said.

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“What the Russians are telling us now in private is the same message we have told the world in public. “The huge amount of help we have provided to our Ukrainian partners has proven to be exceptionally effective,” a high-ranking U.S. authority told The Washington Post.

The authority remained anonymous due to the sensitivity of the note.

Note is dated Tuesday and is entitled “Russia Concerns over Massive Delivery of Arms and Military Supplies to Kiev”. It is written in Russian, but it comes with a translation.

The Russian embassy did not respond to the magazine’s request for comment.

The United States spokesman for the State Department Ned Pricen according to him, nothing prevents the president Joe Biden administrative support for Ukraine, reports the American news channel CNN.

“The Russians have said some things in private, they have said some things in public; nothing makes us abandon the strategy we have embarked on, ”Price commented to CNN.

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Price, in his own words, is not in a position to strengthen private diplomatic correspondence between the two countries.

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