United States | Trump surprisingly does not defend himself in the fraud trial: “Nothing to add”

It's a civil lawsuit. Charges have also been brought against Trump in four criminal trials.

of the United States previous president Donald Trump has changed his mind and surprisingly will not testify in his defense at the fraud trial in New York on Monday, the news agencies AP, AFP and Reuters report.

Trump justified his decision by saying that he “has nothing to add”.

“I have already testified to everything,” Trump wrote on his Truth Social social media service, according to AFP.

Litigation began in October, and Trump was questioned by prosecutors in November.

The former president, his eldest sons Donald Junior and Eric and other managers of the real estate Trump Organization family company are accused of distorting the value of the company's real estate holdings by up to billions of dollars to obtain better loan and insurance terms.

The lawsuit has put the company's future at stake.

The judge has already found that the Trumps distorted the value of the company's holdings. The prosecutor is demanding $250 million in damages and a ban on doing business in New York for Donald Trump and his sons. A decision is expected by the end of January.

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That's about it is about civil litigation. Charges have also been brought against Trump in four criminal trials.

Federal criminal charges against Trump have been brought in the capital Washington for an attempt to cling to power – related to, among other things, the takeover of the House of Congress – and in Florida related to taking classified documents from the White House.

In the state of Georgia, Trump is charged with criminal conspiracy to alter the results of the November 2020 presidential election, and in New York, with falsifying accounting related to the payment of kickbacks to a porn star.

The range of lawsuits has not made a dent in Trump's support, but he is a clear favorite in the primaries at the beginning of the year, in which the Republican Party's candidate for the November 2024 presidential election will be chosen.

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