Security policy Russia reacts violently to Finland’s NATO debate – “Finland’s new line has not increased your security”

“It would be best to warn neighbors what awaits them if they choose the wrong line of behavior,” writes defense analyst Ruslan Puhov.

Russian In recent days and weeks, there have been many reports in the media about the renewed NATO debate in Finland and other Western convergence, such as the acquisition of fighter jets.

Some estimates have been considerably steeper than the Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrovin Russia respects the sovereignty of Finland and Sweden. At the same time, several commentators have been of the opinion that Russia is pushing Finland into the arms of NATO with its own policy.

Moscow Docent at the MGIMO of the Diplomatic Academy Alexander Tevdoi-Burmuli considers the news agency In an interview with Rosbaltthat as Russia continues its current policy, Finland and Sweden will certainly begin to move towards NATO membership. This would add more headache to Russia. As the situation escalates, NATO could create pressure in northern Europe that would force Russia to be more cautious elsewhere.

State Novosti News Agency supplier Pyotr Akopov According to him, the Anglo-Saxon strategists have opened a new battlefield against Russia in Finland during their membership talks. Akopov also says that the debate has begun Vladimir Putin demands to suspend the expansion of the military alliance: now the leaders of Finland Sauli Niinistö and Sanna Marin (sd) play, according to him, “consciously or unconsciously” into the bag of Atlanticists.

Russia does not look well at the entry of a military alliance on its northwestern borders, and according to Akopov, it sincerely warns against this, “not threatening, but explaining”. Good neighborly relations do not involve getting into another’s enemies, and Finland should be reminded that the security threat to Russia will lead to “the most unfortunate consequences,” says Akopov. Relations, he said, are deteriorating, though not there is no need for border changes like in 1939.

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“The moment Russia settles its gap with its real opponent, it is insane and, above all, disadvantageous to be a victim of‘ Russian aggression ’,” Akopov sums up in his long article.

The Russian version of the state RT in an interview Security researcher at the Russian Academy of Sciences Konstantin Blohin says NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg In the speeches about the possible NATO membership of Finland and Sweden, it is a matter of “pure blackmail”, which may be a response to Russia’s demands for security guarantees.

It’s some kind of pressure on the Kremlin, Blohin says.

New Year below, part of the Russian military media company, published the head of the Cast incubator serving the defense industry Ruslan Puhovin article.

In it, Puhov considers Finland’s decision to acquire F-35 fighters to be “an unfriendly act towards Russia”. Puhov points out that the F-35 can drop B61 nuclear bombs.

In his opinion, Russia should no longer “live in illusions” about Finland. Finland is, in practice, an ally of NATO, which, in the event of an open conflict, “hardly refrains from military action against Russia”.

“I hope the General Staff will take note of such conclusions as well. It would be a very bad thing if NATO and the US used Finnish airspace for flight or missile strikes on ‘northern Palmyra’ [Pietaria] against. It would be best to warn the northern neighbors, which awaits them if they choose the wrong line of behavior. And what is left of them in that case. ”

“It is worth living in peace next to the bear, for even if the bear is overthrown, it will first have time to fall.”

Puhov tells HS by phone that Finland’s tone of voice has become hostile towards Russia.

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“Finland’s new line has not increased your safety, but it makes you a potential target [Naton] in conflict with Russia. I am not saying this because this would be my opinion, but because I think this is the case. It is worth living in peace next to the bear, because even if the bear is overthrown, it will have time to fall. ”

Puhov admits that the change in Finnish NATO positions is more favorable to Russian policy.

Deputy Speaker of the Russian Duma Pyotr Tolstoy is in their speeches intimidated outright fierce national Vladimir Zhirinovskin lines. Tolstoy has said that Russia could expand to its tsarist borders in ten years. When other countries join Russia, the Baltics and Finland would “crawl to us after discovering the nullity of their own status”.

Russian officials statements have been more reassuring.

In the second week, Foreign Minister Lavrov said that Russia would respect the sovereignty of Finland and Sweden and that the “peoples” of these countries would decide on an alliance. The view is in line with Russia’s old position. At the same time, however, Lavrov stressed that “the neutrality of these countries is a key factor in European stability”.

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Read more: Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov does not believe that Finland and Sweden will apply for NATO membership, but assured Russia that they will respect their sovereignty

On Friday in Lavrov comments Stoltenberg’s statement about Finland’s and Sweden’s possible early NATO membership as an “unscrupulous attempt to put pressure on” these countries that are friendly to Russia.

To the former Finnish Ambassador to Moscow René Nybergin Russia does not currently send a special message to Finland. The statements made in the Russian media about him must be proportionate.

“It’s a different matter to read a message than a message from a government supporter, not to mention the comments coming up on the main news broadcast,” he says.

“When you follow [Putinin tiedottajaa Dmitri] Peskovia or Lavrovia [television ykköskanavan uutisia] Vremja, they are by no means in Finland. ”

In Finland and the NATO debate in Sweden, according to Nyberg, was not Russia’s intention, but was born as a by-product to the surprise of the Russians.

Also a former Secretary of State in the State Department Pertti Torstila considers that Russia has now been cautious in its official statements on Finland.

“They note that NATO support is growing, and that is not in line with their wishes,” Torstila says.

However, one Finnish expert tells HS that the narrative created by Russia about Western fraud is dangerous. It has an echo base in the population, and it creates a context in which Finland’s rapprochement with NATO and the United States can also be framed as fraudulent in the style of “you too, Brutus”.

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