Sebastián Villa does not have a team: his arrival in Türkiye fell



Sebastian Villa

Sebastian Villa


Alejandro Pagni. AFP

sebastian villa

And now, to wait?

sebastian villa began to hasten his future, as he continues in conflict with Boca Juniors. The player seeks to find a new team to be able to play.

According to the Turkish press, Kasimpasa is very interested in signing the Colombian striker; However, in Boca Juniors they say that no formal proposal has arrived.
(Why don’t the ‘big’ teams in Colombia find their way in the League?) (Video: James Rodríguez, this is how his first ‘tantrum’ in the dressing room was recorded)

it was not given

Thus, there is concern in the xeneize club, since Villa, through his lawyers and representatives, has wanted to consider himself a free player, and they fear that the footballer is negotiating separately, and thus the money he offers kasimpasa remains directly for the player and his representative.

Boca has a clause to let Villa out for 40 million dollars, and a contract until December 2024.

sebastian villa

Sebastián Villa returns to Argentina.

In recent days it was confirmed that he had signed for Kasimpasa, but apparently that was not definitively given.

“Kasimpasa gave up hiring Sebastián Villa: the two-year contract was ready, but last-minute changes from his representative and the Boca lawsuit in FIFA they made the 🇹🇷 change their minds,” said journalist César Merlo.
(Egan Bernal is confirmed to ride the Tour of Spain)

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