Piqué, in trouble: Clara Chía and the disease that embarrasses her


Gerard Pique and Clara Chia

Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía Martí.


Instagram @ 3gerardpique / @clarachia55

Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marti.

That’s why he almost permanently wears dark glasses.

The issue of separation Gerard Piqué and the singer Shakira follow. It is already known that they reached an agreement for the custody of their children, which Clara Chia Marti It is the news of the exfubolista, who would be in trouble.

The Spaniards point out that Piqué and his girlfriend are in trouble, that the relationship is not going through its best moment, and they even say that it will soon be announced that they will no longer continue.

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Shakira has problems for the trip to Miami, United Statesto establish his residence there with Milan and Sasha.

What is the disease about?

But these days there is news that comes to light. Pirqué would be in a bad moment because of Chía Marti.

The media warn that it was curious that she almost always wears dark glasses when they see her and everything indicates that the Spanish woman has an eye problem that is embarrassing.

The young woman is a Public Relations student.


Twitter: @Es24Espana Instagram: @Shakira

What is known is that she would have the visual condition known as ‘lazy or lazy eye’, so she would have to wear these types of glasses.

Chía Marti would have to wear dark glasses because she would have contraindications in daylight and that is why she does not feel well.

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