North America | The USA and Canada reach an agreement on turning asylum seekers at the border between the two countries

The agreement closes a loophole that allowed migrants to cross the border between the two countries into Canada at unofficial border crossings.

Canada and the United States, according to official sources, have made an agreement on turning away asylum seekers from unofficial border crossings, says, for example, the British the BBC.

Canadian of the CBC news channel according to the new agreement will be officially announced later on Friday, when the US president Joe Biden and Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau meet in Canada.

Based on the 2004 Safe Third Country Asylum Seeker Agreement between the United States and Canada, Canada was allowed to turn migrants back to the United States at official border crossings, but not at unofficial ones. The agreement is based on the principle that asylum should be sought in the first safe country where the applicant arrives.

The contract according to the CBC, upgrading has not been high on the US priority list, which is why it has taken so long to close the loophole. Last month, New York City officials offered immigrants free bus tickets to the Canadian border.

A large number of migrants have crossed the border into Canada at the unofficial Roxham Road border crossing between New York state and Quebec province, about 50 kilometers from Montreal. Many of them have only applied for asylum in Canada.

In 2022, the border at Roxham Road was crossed Voice of America – radio, more than 39,000 migrants.

According to the CBC, Canada also plans to announce a program that will allow 15,000 immigrants to enter the country legally.

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