New York to offer free abortion pills



Authorized clinics have the capacity to issue up to 10,000 abortion pills per year.

Authorized clinics have the capacity to issue up to 10,000 abortion pills annually.

The clinics authorized to deliver the pills do not require patients to have health insurance.

The city of New York, in the USA, from this January 18 will begin to offer free abortion pillsinitially at a sexual health clinic in the Bronx and later at three other similar city-run centers, Mayor Eric Adams announced.

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Thus, New York underlines its vocation as a “refuge city” at a time when several states in the country are restricting the right to free termination of pregnancy, thus forcing many women to travel to more tolerant states to have an abortion.

New York has always been a beacon of leadership in this nation, and we will continue to be.“said the mayor in an appearance dedicated to announcing improvements in female sexual health.

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The four clinics that will join this free pill initiative in 2023 have the capacity to issue up to 10,000 pills per year, according to municipal sources cited by the Gothamist portal.

These clinics have the particularity that patients are not required to have medical insurance, making them much easier to access for low-income women who are not covered by insurance; unlike them, hospitals that provide abortion pills usually do so on presentation of insurance.

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