Ice Hockey World Championships | After the loss to Canada, Sakari Manninen reflected on the beauty of sport

Sakari Manninen said he was proud of every player.


The lions played the World Cup tournament as the number one center Sakari Manninen stated after the losing quarter-final what was easy to see. The first chain struggled with scoring. Teemu HartikainenManninen and Mikko Rantanen the trio couldn’t find common ground on even pitches throughout the tournament.

“We got the puck there a lot and chances. Sometimes the puddle is like that. Sometimes it feels like nothing is going in, and sometimes every one of the four shots goes in. You have to live with it, that’s the beauty of sport,” Manninen said.

Manninen, who played in the tournament with seven power points, thinks that the Canada match was the best from Finland in the tournament, even though the Lions beat the Canadian goalkeeper to Samuel Montembeault.

“I’m proud of every guy. Worked as hard as the soul could bear. We also got top places. The guy’s wallet stood on his head, and the guy earned the win. The truth is on the board.”

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The game system of the World Cup tournament is dull. The once-and-for-all playoffs leave no room for explanations if they are weaker than the opponent once. In Mannen’s opinion, that’s exactly how it should be.

“That’s what playoff hockey is. The watershed of the tournament is this quarter-final match. If you win it, the tournament has been successful, if you lose, it’s disappointing.”

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