HS in Kuopio | The rural idyll near the city center is shaken: The tenants who work as entrepreneurs do not agree to leave the farm

The new entrepreneurs were supposed to get to the Konttila traditional farm in Kuopio at the beginning of December, but the former entrepreneurs do not agree to leave. The city of Kuopio is applying for an eviction from the district court.

Kuopio a special situation is going on at the Konttila traditional farm owned by the city.

In the fall, new entrepreneurs were chosen for the traditional farm located in Puijo, who had to arrive at the farm in early December to prepare their operations. The opening was planned for the turn of the year.

Now December has progressed quite far and the new entrepreneurs still don’t have the keys to Konttila. The reason is that the previous entrepreneurial tenants have not agreed to leave the premises.

They have told about it, among other things Savon Sanomat and Over.

Thursday when the afternoon was already getting dark, the outdoor lights were on at Konttila’s traditional farm and there were two cars in the parking lot. The horse and the sheep were in the corral playing outside and eating hay.

The door of the house was locked. The windows were mostly dark, but some windows let in light. A human figure flashed in the dim window of the hut, but when I knocked, no one came to open the door.

There was a note attached to the door saying that Konttila’s cafe was temporarily closed due to an illness. “Thank you for your understanding,” read the end of the message.

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Container is a farmstead established in the 18th century, whose buildings and yard are protected. The farm is located in the middle of Puijo’s forests, outdoor trails and ski slopes.

Konttila’s traditional and peaceful milieu is a popular place to visit and a resting place for outdoor enthusiasts.

The container has been a long-term tenant of a company called Viher Ravinto. Entrepreneur Maija Heikkinen and his son, an employee of the company Keijo Heikkinenhave kept a livestock farm and a cafe in Konttila.

They have been Konttila’s tenants for two ten-year lease periods, or a total of twenty years. The temporary lease ended at the end of September.

Last in the spring, the city organized an open search for the position of entrepreneur in Konttila. There were thirteen applicants, including Heikkinten’s company.

In September, the city chose new entrepreneurs to replace it. The Heikkis applied for an amendment to the decision, which was rejected by the city government.

According to the rectification claim, the city had not kept its promise of a long-term rental relationship. Keijo Heikkinen, who was the host of Konttila, feels that his life’s work is being stolen from him, he said, among other things Over.

The tenants said at the beginning of December that they were on sick leave.

City gave the former tenants until the end of November to move out. So far they haven’t left the farm. The city has also had problems contacting them.

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Business expert of the city of Kuopio Mika Raatikainen says that he last spoke with the tenants on Friday, December 1. At that time, the tenants said they were on sick leave.

“They didn’t say anything about leaving or the near future, one way or the other. They don’t want to comment citing sick leave,” Raatikainen tells HS.

HS also did not reach Heikkis for an interview by phone or from Konttila.

Konttila’s idyllic traditional farm is located in the middle of Puijo’s ski slopes and outdoor trails. It is a favorite place to visit and take a break.

City has now applied to the district court for an eviction, under the threat of which the tenant is obliged to move out of Konttila.

City Attorney Vesa Toivanen says that if the tenant does not leave the premises at any time, the eviction can be enforced through the enforcement authority.

“Everything depends on the actions of the former tenant. That matter is taken care of in an instant, if he would just return the keys to us and hand over the space to our control.”

According to Raatikainen, the city will monitor the district court’s decision while waiting for the farm to remain in good condition and the well-being of the animals on the farm to be secured.

The veterinarian who visited the place has stated that the animals are fine and they are being taken care of, says Raatikainen.

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The animals have not been found to be in acute distress, said the supervising veterinarian Laura Rytkönen on Thursday For Savon Sanomat.

The new entrepreneurs plan to have a cafe-restaurant in Konttila and organize events.

According to Raatikainen, the search for Konttila’s entrepreneur was launched last spring after the city asked Kuopio residents for feedback and wishes about the operation of the traditional farm.

The townspeople had hoped that the farm would remain a traditional farm and that its traditional spirit would be nurtured. In addition, it was hoped that customer service would improve and that Konttila would be better integrated into the entirety of Puijo’s operations.

City chose Konttila as the future entrepreneurial couple Johanna and Jukka Koskinen. They have an entrepreneurial background in the events industry. In the container, they plan to have a cafe-restaurant and organize events.

“At the moment we don’t know when we will get there to start operations,” says Johanna Koskinen.

“Of course, the situation is really unfortunate. It affects us and the launch of our business, but we are unable to take any measures to promote this issue.”

According to Koskinen, the matter is between the city of Kuopio and Viher Ravinno.

“We wait. We are fully ready to act as soon as we get there.”

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