Details of HS | Stubb's adviser on international affairs is Ville Brummer from CMI

Dr. Brummer has worked in numerous conflict areas.

Program Director Ville Brummer According to HS data, the future president will rise by Alexander Stubb as an advisor on international affairs.

Brummer works as president Martti Ahtisaaren as second director of CMI founded by He is known as a versatile connoisseur of world politics and conflicts.

Brummer has worked in conflict areas such as Myanmar, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Palestine.

Dununitor in an interview in 2022 he did not want to say exactly which conflicts he himself has been solving, but stated that he was involved in “almost everything”.

“I am usually involved in the initial stages. When things get rolling and the team is in place, I'll leave the background and start hooking a new worm,” he said in an interview.

Brummer worked at the beginning of the 2000s as a coder who built an early mobile internet store called Club Nokia. He initially studied technical physics, but switched to mathematics and systems analysis. He is a doctor of technology.

He initially joined CMI to perform civil service, but he stayed in the house and rose to its management.

HS reported on Monday that the Secretary of State Lauri Tierala (kok) becomes head of Stubb's cabinet, i.e. chief of staff.

According to HS information, he is scheduled to be appointed at the president's presentation on Wednesday.

Tierala is the Minister of Foreign Affairs Elina Valtonen (kok) and the Minister of Defense Antti Häkkänen (kok) as state secretary.

According to HS information, Stubb is becoming a foreign policy advisor familiar with NATO matters Rasmus Hindrén. He leads a team in the Ministry of Defense that is responsible for Finland's NATO and EU policy in the defense administration.

Stubb's communications manager is probably on the way Mari-Kaisa Brander.

He is also Stubb's creditor. Most recently, he has been the communications manager for Stubb's presidential election campaign.

Stubbs will take office as president on Friday, March 1.

The group of closest advisers to the president is called the cabinet. The current president Sauli Niinistön in addition to the head of the office, the six-person cabinet includes four advisers and a communications manager.

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