Comment | Lose, lose, lose… Why isn't Haley already giving up as Trump's only challenger?

The long campaign is also an advantage for Nikki Haley, writes Elina Väntönen, HS's Washington correspondent.


Only seven minutes after the polls close Donald Trump stepped up to give a victory speech in South Carolina.

His victory was so clear that it took the American media less than a minute to announce it.

The victory was not only clear, but also undoubtedly quite enjoyable: Trump defeated his only remaining challenger Nikki Haley's I figured this out on home turf.

Appearing in good spirits, Trump had changed his tactics and this time did not include Haley in his speech, but ignored her completely.

It became clear that the campaign team would already like to focus on the revenge of the Democrats Joe Biden against. Supporters waved too Fire Joe signs.

The result in South Carolina once again made visible how the Republican Party has created its skin. State conservatives turned their backs on Haley, even though it was with their support that she became governor 13 years ago.

Haley now has a steady streak of losses in the Republican primaries, and no prospects for anything else.

Why is he still struggling? And for how long?

These two questions have been discussed fiercely and for a long time – so much so that Haley ended up devoting an entire press conference to the topic last week.

It had been named State of the Race, which had time to raise speculations about a possible surprise withdrawal before the humiliating defeat in South Carolina. However, Haley only talked about why she No going to withdraw.

Haley's central argument is that the American people deserve an alternative to the aging and unpopular Biden and Trump. In addition, he wants the public to remember that Trump does not represent the entire Republican Party.

However, it is clear that Haley herself also benefits from the current situation.

His campaign Haley has received a staggering amount of media attention around the United States.

As long as he continues in the race, he gets publicity for himself and the things he drives.

Republican strategist Kevin Madden described Thanks to Haley's long campaign, she is in the “muscle memory” of American voters. It will help him if he ever decides to run again for the presidency or any major office.

However, experts are divided on how staying in the race will affect Haley's political future. Is he doomed by opposing Trump? Or will he succeed in creating an image of himself as the Republican leader of the post-Trump era?

Haley is in an exceptional position in that, despite the mere losses, the campaign is quite well financed.

He has the support of wealthy Republicans who, at least until now, have been willing to donate on principle alone – to oppose Trump.

of South Carolina the result was probably still disappointing for Haley. Trump was going to take almost all, if not all, of the 50 caucuses in the division and a victory by 20 percentage points.

Next, all eyes will turn to Michigan, followed by Super Tuesday on March 5th. At that time, Republicans vote simultaneously in 15 state primaries.

Until then, at least, Haley vowed once again to stick around. A “seven-figure” TV advertising campaign is also planned.

However, the candidates always say they will continue in the race – until they don't anymore.

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