Athletics | Saga Vanninen received a substantial prize pool for his World Championship success

Saga Vanninen made Finnish athletics history.

Finland Saga Vanninen20, won the pentathlon silver at the World Indoor Championships in Glasgow on Friday.

Vanninen from Tampere collected 4,677 points and at the same time grabbed the Finnish record. The previous record was Tiia Hautala 4,580 from 2000.

The gold medal went to Belgium Noor Vidts, which scored 4,773 points. Bronze had Holland Sophie Dokter. He lost 106 points to Vanni.

Vanninen is the first Finnish woman in history to win a World Indoor Track medal and the second Finnish Indoor Track World Cup medalist of all time. The previous medal was won by a shot putter Mika Halvariwho won the World Championship gold in 1995.

Historic success also brought Vannis a nice income. The International Association of Athletics Federations WA will reward him with $20,000 (€18,400).

The pot brings Vaninen a comfortable financial security. In January, he experienced a nasty disappointment, when the Ministry of Education and Culture dropped him from among the recipients of the largest possible grant, i.e. 20,000 euros, against the Sports Federation's proposal. Vanninen only received a grant of 10,000 euros.

Correction on March 2 at 8:00 a.m.: Sofie Dokter lost 106 points instead of six points to Saga Vannis. Dokter's first name is Sofie, not Sofir.

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