Volleyball The volleyball leagues strive to continue “as much as possible” in accordance with the fixture lists

The situation is monitored daily.

Volleyball The main aim is to continue the women’s and men’s main series, ie the championship leagues, in a challenging health situation as much as possible in accordance with the match programs, the league’s main series group stated at its meeting on Monday.

“In the future, the main league team of the Champions League will meet to update the situation whenever necessary with new information. At the moment, due to corona infections / quarantines, match transfers have recently had to be made for two women’s and one men’s league clubs, ”the league reported.

“If not all matches in the regular season can be played, then according to the decision made earlier, the final order of the regular season will be determined according to the average score.”

The league emphasized that health and safety guidelines are being followed more and more closely.

“Strong preparedness and health safety guidelines aim to curb the spread of the epidemic in general, but also to secure the conduct of the Championship as a whole.”

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