Video: man brutally beats an employee because he asked him to wait his turn



Man hits restaurant employee

Man hits restaurant employee


Video capture: @RuidoEnLaRed

Man hits restaurant employee

In the images it is observed when the man gives him several blows to the face.

A video in which a man beats a young man from a fast food establishment in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, went viral on social networks.

According to the versions provided by the authorities, the violent attack began because the young man who works with Subway asked a man who had just entered the restaurant to wait his turn to order food; However, he did not like the answer because he went into the kitchen and there he began to attack him.

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In the images broadcast on social networks, it can be seen how the man who is dressed in a blue shirt and black pants aggressively enters the place where the victim is located and punches him several times in the face.

Seconds later, seeing that he is helpless, she yells at him and kicks him to the ground and gives him more punches.

However, what draws the attention of Internet users is that the young man was not alone, because in the video it can be seen how there are other people, apparently from work, who do nothing.

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Local media explained that the affected young man was taken to a hospital where he was treated. In addition, he remains under observation for the blows he received to the head due to the fracture that he presents in his nose.


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