United States | The White House and Trump are defending infertility treatments in the wake of the controversial Alabama embryo decision

The defense came after the Alabama state Supreme Court ruled that frozen human embryos are equivalent to children.

White house is worried about the future of infertility treatments in the United States, reports news agency Reuters. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Friday that the US Congress should protect infertility treatments.

Last week, the Supreme Court of the US state of Alabama decided that frozen human embryos are comparable to children. In Alabama, the human embryo developed from a fertilized ovum has as much right to life as a human being.

The decision could have devastating effects on infertility treatments in Alabama.

Also Former President of the United States Donald Trump said on Friday that he supports the continuation of in vitro fertilization treatments.

Trump urged Alabama lawmakers to find a solution as soon as possible to guarantee access to fertility treatments. Trump made his call on his own social media channel at Truth Social.

“We want to make having children easier, not harder,” Trump writes.

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