The “most absurd penalty in the world” occurs in Colombia: video of the penalty is a trend



Most absurd penalty in the world

Images of the incredible event.


Screenshots Sports Online Col

Pictures of the incredible event.

The goalkeeper celebrated that the ball hit the crossbar, but then he had to keep his joy.

Colombian soccer is a trend in social networks. And it is not because of the level of the professional league or something like that. It is because of the incredible penalty that stole all eyes this weekend in the Intercolonias Tournament, which took place at the Alfonso López Pumarejo Stadium, in Bucaramanga.

In summary, for the taste of Internet users: ‘The most absurd penalty in the world’.

The most absurd penalty is Colombian

Penalty in Bucaramanga

Screenshot Sports online Col

This Sunday, the confrontation between San Vicente de Chucurí and Concia FC It was so close that it reached the definition from the penalty point.

On penalties, when his team was down 2-3, Chucurí’s number 10 player shot against the crossbar.

Then, as the Concia goalkeeper walked forward, full of joy, the ball came down and hit his shoulder.

The incredible ending: goal for Chucurí.

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“That is going to be the goal of the world,” said the narrator.

“It goes to social networks,” insisted the commentator.

Today, the video is trending in ‘X’, old Twitter.

In the end, to the goalkeeper’s peace of mind, Concia FC ended up winning 5-4. But his ‘bad luck’ goes around the world.

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