Television | Kevin Spacey has to pay 30 million euros to the production company of House of Cards

An actor accused of sexual crimes must compensate the production company for the losses he caused.

Hollywood star Kevin Spacey will have to pay 31 million dollars, or about 30 million euros House of Cards – to the creators of the series for the losses incurred when Spacey, who played the second lead role in the series, had to be moved aside in 2017.

Spacey was given the go-ahead from the series about the blackmailing of the US political elite after allegations spread in the media that Spacey had sexually harassed employees of the series.

Los Angeles District Court Judge Mel Red Recanan the decision provides legal force for the $31 million in damages House of Cards to the production company MRC and other companies that produced the Netflix series.

of the MRC according to which Spacey violated the contract with the production company and the company’s sexual harassment policies. The production company’s claim for compensation was based on calculations according to which the MRC production company suffered tens of millions of dollars in losses due to Spacey.

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Already in 2020, Spacey was ordered to compensate the company for the additional costs and losses. According to Spacey’s lawyers, the charges against the actor were not a material factor in the losses suffered by the production company, and Spacey appealed the case.

However, a judge in Los Angeles decided on Thursday to reject Spacey’s request for a further hearing of the case.

Judgment is the latest blow to Spacey, once heralded as one of the best actors of his generation.

Spacey was seen just a few weeks ago in court in Britain, where he was heard about the new charges against him.

Spacey is accused in Britain of four counts of sexual harassment and one count of coercion. The charges are at least partially directed at events almost 20 years ago, from 2004 to 2015, when he was the artistic director of The Old Vic theater in London.

Spacey denied all the charges. The trial will begin in June next year.

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With the criminal charges going to court, Spacey leaves the lead role Genghis-in the movie about the kan.

Accusations the wave against the actress began almost at the same time as the rise of the anti-sexual abuse metoo movement, which was started by a Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein about the case.

The first case of alleged harassment by Spacey came to light in October 2017, when the actor Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of sexual harassment in 1986. Since then, several other people have come forward to accuse Spacey of harassment.

Harassment accusations also came to light later House of Cards among the authors.

Double Oscar winner Spacey had time to play the ruthless American politician Frank Underwood House of Cards in five seasons, until the information about the sexual harassment of colleagues was made public.

The production company was forced to write Underwood out of the series and cut the sixth season from 13 episodes to eight.

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Kevin Spacey has repeatedly denied all accusations of sexual harassment against him.

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