Sanctions The wealth of Russian oligarchs in Finland is also being searched for and frozen, says the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Gennady Timchenko’s holding in the Helsinki Hall, ie the former Hartwall-Arena, is being investigated.

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Also The assets of the Russian oligarchs in Finland are being searched and frozen, says the Legal Manager of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs Kaija Suvanto. The target is those mentioned in the EU’s sanctions list.

Kaija Suvanto.

The operation is under way throughout the EU. Germany and France said on Thursday that they have found and confiscated luxury yachts from the Russian oligarchs.

The EU announced an expanded listing on Monday night. A total of 26 new names were added to the list.

“We we always report EU sanctions to the Enforcement Agency. The Enforcement Agency will then make a decision to freeze the funds, ”Suvanto says.

The search is for cash, cars and real estate.

“Banks get the information to find bank accounts. Then we go through, for example, vehicle and real estate registers, ”says Suvanto.

European the union is added to the sanctions list last week the first Finnish citizen, Gennadi Timtšenkonwho is also a citizen of Russia and Armenia.

Tymoshenko is the 76th richest person in the world, according to the news agency Bloomberg in its billionaire index in December. His assets are worth $ 22.2 billion, an increase of about $ 5.6 billion in 2021.

In Finland, however, all property owned by EU sanctioned persons, regardless of citizenship, is searched and frozen.

“If there is only property in the territory of the Finnish state, the aim is to interfere with it. Of course, it is more likely that the funds will be found from a Finnish citizen or a permanent resident of Finland, ”says Suvanto.

Backwater says that he believes that Gennady Timtchenko’s holding in Helsinki Hall, the former Hartwall Arena, is also being investigated.

Gennady Tymoshenko and Roman Rotenberg hold a majority of the votes in the hall. The oligarchs own the holding company through their Arena Events company.

They own less than half of the shares because the holding company has different series of shares with different voting rights.

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