Russian attack Sports legend and chairman of the Ukrainian Olympic Committee Sergei Bubka called on people to help Ukrainian refugees

Bubka urged the sports world to provide essential goods to Ukrainians fleeing their homes.

7.3. 17:29

Stick jump Olympic champion, six-time world champion and 35-time world record holder Sergei Bubka has appealed to the sports world for help from Ukrainians fleeing their homes, news agency AFP reports.

“Allow me to turn to you in these difficult times of war,” Bubka wrote according to AFP.

Bubka said he is thinking hard about how to help his homeland and compatriots who need help in an unprecedented way.

“More than a million people, mostly women and children, have been forced to leave their homes. Millions of people are losing their livelihoods and are left without medical care, food and clothing, ”he wrote.

58 years old Bubka is the chairman of the Olympic Committee of Ukraine and the vice-chairman of the World Athletics Federation (WA). She says children need essentials for refugee camps as well as sports equipment.

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“We ask everyone to help these women and children who left their homes without the opportunity to take anything with them.”

Bubka considers the most important supplies to be first aid, hygiene products, children’s clothing, well-preserved food and financial support.

“I am also considering the possibility of organizing sportswear, sports shoes and other equipment for children in refugee camps. While they may not have the opportunity to study, at least they could play sports and get their thoughts out of the horrors they live in. ”

Last week on Friday in Bubka wrote To their Twitter account to defend their homeland by all available means.

Former pole vault star said loving Ukraine with all his heart and taking the flag of Ukraine with him to the relief center.

“We win,” Bubka wrote in connection with his video.

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