Reader opinion The president must be allowed three consecutive terms

An addition could be made to the Constitution to provide for exceptional reasons for the election of the same person for a third term.

6.3. 14:00

Of the Republic President Sauli Niinistö enjoys exceptionally strong public confidence. HS polls say the president’s popularity has remained very high and even risen during both terms. According to a survey published at the end of December 2021, 87 percent think he did a good job. In the spring of 2020, Gallup, commissioned by the Rural Future, said that more than a quarter of Finns are in favor of extending Niinistö’s term of office after 2024 with an exception. An amendment to the law that would allow this would require a five-sixths majority in Parliament.

According to the Constitution, the same person may be elected President for a maximum of two consecutive terms. The law should be supplemented by the addition that exceptional reasons allow the selection of the same person for a third term. The addition should also be made in the event that President Niinistö is not available.

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a serious threat to Western democracy. For this reason, Finland would need President Niinistö for the third term to stabilize our country’s security. Niinistö is internationally respected, and his expertise would also be used in international arenas in exceptional circumstances.

Veikko Pöyhönen

Educational Adviser, Helsinki

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