Outrageous video: fans invade the field and beat up the referee


Outrageous video: fans invade the field and beat up the referee

The referee being attacked by violent fans.



The referee being assaulted by violent fans.

The judge tried to avoid being lynched by running down the field. The fans were irate.

an embarrassing scene starring in Ecuador has highlighted the wave of violence that has taken over large stadiums in the world.

As has been seen on social networks, the match between Deportivo Quito and Espoli, played at the Atahualpa Olympic Stadium, was marred this Sunday due to an invasion of violent fans who, unleashed, attacked the referee.

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The videos of the moment have aroused a whole wave of criticism and rejection on social networks.

Referee, shortly after being lynched

The Salvadoran Football Federation shared a message of condolences for the death.

The match, valid for the second division of Ecuadorian soccer, ended 2-2

According to what is read in fan groups, the judge of the commitment had several controversial decisions. A reason that, far from justifying any aggression, was used as an excuse for a group of violent fans to enter the field and attack the referee.

In the records of the moment you see the referee running desperately down the field. The fans threw fists and kicks.

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Deportivo Quito issued a statement expressing its rejection of what happened.

So far, as has been known, the National Police arrested one person for the embarrassing events.

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