Music Ed Sheeran’s biggest hit accused of plagiarism, Sheeran denies allegations at trial

The controversial Shape of You is Spotify’s most listened to song.

Pop star Ed Sheeranin the best known piece is accused of plagiarism. Sheeran responded in a London court on Tuesday on charges against her Shape of You would have been copied from a previously published song Sami Switchin pieces.

Shape of You is Spotify ‘s most popular song, and has been the only one to receive more than three billion listings so far.

Sami Switch, real name Sami Chokri is a London rap artist who released a song in 2015 called Oh Why. Now Chokri claims that Ed Sheeran has copied the one released in early 2017 Shape of You to a piece Oh Why of the song.

BBC’s according to Sheeran denied the allegations in court. He also denied having heard Chokr’s song before Shape of You completion of the song.

Dispute is based on a one-beat ascending piece of melody. In the chorus of Sheeran’s song, it begins with the first beat of the beat with the words “oh I, oh I, oh I, oh I”. In Chokr’s song, the melody begins with a bang and the words “oh why”.

Sheeran acknowledged that there are similarities in the melodies because “both are based on the pentatonic minor scale”.

Sheeran also said the song had been altered at the production stage because he thought it sounded too much for Blackstreet. No Diggity hits. In addition Shape of Youn the authors of the piece are also labeled TLC No Scrubs the authors of the song because the songs have the same sounding passage.

On Tuesday, Sheeran sang in the courtroom as a model Well Diggity mixed Nina Simonen Feeling good to show that in pop music the similarities of melodies are common.

Shape of Youta The controversy began in the spring of 2018, when Sheeran, along with the other authors of the song, asked for legal proof that they had not copied Sami Chokr ‘s song. Shortly afterwards, Chokri filed a claim for copyright infringement.

Shape of You has generated around £ 20 million, or € 24 million, for its agents. Due to the lawsuit, revenues have been frozen since 2018.

The case continued in London on Wednesday.

Ed Sheeran is not in court for the first time because of allegations of copying. In 2016, the court dealt with Sheeran Photographwhich was considered a copy Matt Cardlen from a previously published song Amazing. The case lapsed when the parties agreed on compensation.

In addition, Sheeran has been sued twice Marvin Gayen Let’s Get It On alleged plagiarism Thinking Out Loud to the song. In the first lawsuit filed in 2016, the claims were dismissed, but two years later, the company that owns the rights to the second author of Gay’s hit filed a new lawsuit on the same subject, which is pending.

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