Legionella | Legionella bacteria was found in the spa section of the Swedish ship

The observation was made on Viking Glory during a routine inspection.

Turku Viking Glory, which operates between Stockholm and Stockholm, has been found to have slightly elevated legionella values, Viking Line says. According to the shipping company's release, elevated values ​​have been observed in two pools in the ship's spa section. The observation was made in a spot test performed during a routine inspection.

According to Viking Line, the ship's spa section is now closed and undergoing cleaning. Control samples will be taken from the spa department before it reopens.

According to the shipping company's press release, the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (THL) is currently not aware that anyone has contracted legionella from the ship.

Viking Line's operations continue as normal.

Duodecim Health Library According to Legionellosis is a rare disease.

The Legionella bacterium lives in natural waters, and according to Duodecim, it can also survive in water mains if the water is not heated sufficiently. The bacterium can withstand a maximum temperature of more than 50 degrees.

The bacterium can reach a person if he breathes air that contains water droplets or water aerosol containing the bacterium.

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