Hockey The Swedish camp was relieved of the turbulent situation in the semi-finals: “Cowardly”

Sweden was outraged when Pavel Karnaukov of the Russian Olympic Committee overtook goalkeeper Lars Johansson.

Russian the team of the olympic committee beat the swedish men’s Olympic hockey 2–1 in sweden. The victory that came after the winning shot contest was decided dramatically. Great feelings were also felt in the extension period.

At the time of the match, Russia Pavel Karnauhov created a dangerous strike, but in the same situation drove the Swedish goalkeeper Lars Johansson over. The Swedes loudly demanded punishment for Karnauhov, but to no avail. There was no superiority.

“The judges really didn’t want to make any decisions. He (Karnauhov) did nothing to dodge, but drove straight towards Lasse. There have been penalties for the situation in the past, so I thought it was cowardly not to react now, ”said Tre Kronor’s defender. Lukas Bengtsson ripped the referees after the match Aftonbladetin by.

Bengtsson still stressed that he did not want to explain.

“We held the puck and created seats. Unfortunately, they won. The margins are small. ”

The loss was Aftonbladetin according to the attacker Lucas Wallmarkin to tears.

“This is really heavy. We wrecked like animals. Losing this way is really hard, ”said Wallmark, who scored five goals in the tournament.

“Terrible emptyness. Terribly disappointing, ”said the two hard-nosed ones Carl Klingberg.

Sweden will face Slovakia in a bronze match on Saturday.

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