Football Teemu Puk’s role is in his own caste – already ranked fourth on the World Cup qualifiers

The buck shares fourth place with Polish superstar Robert Lewandowski.

Striker Teemu Pukin It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the Finnish men’s national team. That was the latest indication on Tuesday, when the Owls claimed a 2-0 victory over Kazakhstan.

Pukki scored both goals in Finland and increased the number of goals in these World Cup qualifiers to six. That is a huge amount, considering that Finland has scored a total of seven goals.

Finland’s last hit was made by Puk’s attacking pair Joel Pohjanpalo, which settled a home win over Kazakhstan on 4 September.

Goat rose to sixth place on the European World Cup qualifiers with six goals together with a Polish superstar Robert Lewandowskin with.

Puk and Lewandowski are ahead of the Netherlands Memphis Depay (9) as well as Israel Eran Zahavi and Serbian Aleksandar Mitrović (both 7).

Still, no one has scored nearly as big a share of their team’s goals as Pukki. The closest is Mitrović, who has scored more than half of Serbia’s 13 goals.


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