Columns Now we are talking about a real women’s issue: without national defense, there is no Finnish equality

Women’s Day greetings can be sent directly to Ukraine this year as financial support.

Today in Women ‘s Day there is no need to argue whether women’ s day roses are a charming and polite gesture or an embarrassing remnant of the days of patriarchalism.

This year, the rose money can be sent directly to Ukraine.

There, they will hopefully help women and children fleeing their lives, as well as men fighting for their country.

The war in Ukraine will change the equality debate anyway. It is only in difficult times that it is remembered that the number one fundamental and human right is the right to survive. In a war zone, sexual violence is also a big threat.

Finnish there is no equality without credible national defense. National defense guarantees that we will be able to take care of our own affairs in our own country as we ourselves will.

In Vladimir Putin’s Russia, feminism is the enemy. In Russia, it can even be dangerous to be a public feminist.

In Finland, on the other hand, feminism is mainstream. The basic principles of the women’s movement are an integral part of the Finnish value landscape, even if not everyone uses the word feminist for one reason or another.

Thus, on Women’s Day, it is appropriate to think about the future of national defense. That if what is a long-term female issue.

Yet before the war in ukraine, it was fashionable to claim that limiting conscription to men was a serious violation of finnish equality. Many feminists also jumped on this sled.

The war in Ukraine has brought some clarity to the controversial issue. The war is a reminder that the core mission of the military and conscription is not to act as a gateway to gender equality. The primary task is to defend Finland effectively, even if with a weapon.

Last November, his report handed over the parliamentary conscription committee also weighed on women’s compulsory military service. The idea was found to be important but unfeasible.

January’s opinion poll by also the majority of Finns would retain general conscription only for men.

Constitution according to which the duty to defend the country applies to everyone, regardless of gender. The Finnish will to defend the country is strong, and the war in Ukraine will probably only increase it.

Both Finnish women and men want to be involved in increasing their national defense skills. There is sure to be something for everyone. Let’s start today on Women’s Day.

The author is an HS correspondent in London.

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