Visual arts The artists’ Irish pub won Britain’s largest art prize – Critic complains that the installation will not be

Turner’s prestigious Fine Arts Award was presented on Wednesday to the Northern Ireland Array Art Collect.

In Britain has held a special award for the Art Prize Turner, but at Wednesday’s awards ceremony, many more traditional friends of the visual arts seem to rub their eyes. The prize, and with it the prize money of £ 25,000, or about € 30,000, went to the prize Sibinfor an installation called a pub, or more specifically an Irish pub.

Irish pubs are an international concept, but behind the award-winning art pub is a community-based art collective in Belfast, Northern Ireland called Array.

According to the award winners, the group’s work highlights the social and political issues in Northern Ireland while translating them into a work of art. The Irish-style art pub displays political symbols that, among other things, oppose integration treatments and flag for reproductive rights. The customers are mannequins.

The group art also includes jokes, pulp work, singing and funny clothes. The goal of the group is According to the BBC a change in the atmosphere of conversation. The pub created by the group is central to the idea, as the restaurant represents a public discussion space.

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According to the BBC, “the bar seems very traditional at first, but a closer look shows that there are hidden political messages about sexuality and identity. Could this be a gay bar? Perhaps the most important message is recorded in the pub rules. Among other things, they tell you to laugh. ”

Also Fine guard critic of The Guardian has been evaluating the installation. Critic Jonathan Jones notes slyly that an art pub would be even more “hopeful and dynamic” if it could really get a drop in there. “As such, the pub is reminiscent of any staging in the theater with the difference that the stage would be full of good acting and good lyrics,” the critic shouted.

Turner Prize this year’s jury was led by the director of the prestigious Tate Gallery, and it was specifically art collectives whose work shows and includes social influence that were sought for reward.

A critic of The Guardian pointed out that the significance of aesthetic values ​​in the race this year was rather insignificant. However, the good side of the winner, according to The Guardian, is how the scope of the art field came into consideration.

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“Few of the many schools in art schools will ever become famous, let alone get rich. In that sense, this year’s Turner Prize is a good reminder of realism. The fruits of talent are on display far from the galleries of London, ”the magazine wrote.

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