Sanctions | The United States announced its new sanctions against Russia – a Finnish company is also on the sanctions list

President Biden: “If Putin is not made to pay for the death and destruction he has sown, he will just continue on the same path.”

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA the new Russian sanctions target more than 500 people and companies, according to news agencies AFP and Reuters.

The sanctions were announced on Friday. The target is, for example, the state-owned Mir payment system, which roughly could be compared to Visa or MasterCard. With sanctions, the United States is trying to ensure that Mir cards do not work outside of Russia.

“The United States has repeatedly stressed to partners around the world that there are risks to the Mir system,” US Treasury Department announced.

Widely There is also one Finnish company on the banned list, HD-Parts. According to the US Treasury, the company from Vantaa has exported thousands of truck spare parts to Russia after 2022. Told about it first Over.

HD-Parts' turnover in the financial year 2022 was around 9 million euros, and the company employs twenty people.

“Trucks are essential for the Russian armed forces, and Russia is suffering from a shortage of spare parts for trucks,” the US Treasury stated in its press release.

Sanctions Russia's huge LNG projects were also ordered to be subordinated. LNG is liquefied natural gas.

Shipbuilder Zvezda, which manufactures lng tankers, is listed. Also targeted is the Arctic LNG 2 project in Siberia.

One of the targets of the sanctions is geographically close to Finland: Ust-Luga, or Laukaansuu lng terminal. The US is now imposing sanctions on two companies involved in its development and operation. Laukaansuu is located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, about 150 kilometers west of St. Petersburg.

of the United States president Joe Biden stressed the importance of sanctions on Friday.

“They [pakotteet] ensure that [presidentti Vladimir] Putin is paying more and more dearly for its aggression abroad and oppression at home,” Biden stated in the statement.

“If Putin is not made to pay for the death and destruction he has sown, he will just continue on the same path.”

The Russian opposition leader in particular reacts with the new sanctions To Alexei Navalny to die in a prison camp. The death was announced last Friday. In the West, it is considered clear that Putin is responsible for the death.

According to Reuters, the United States is imposing sanctions on three Russian prison officials whom the United States accuses of involvement in Navalny's death. One of them is the deputy director of the prison administration, who allegedly ordered prison guards to treat Navalny more harshly.

The announcement of the sanctions comes on the eve of the second anniversary of Russia's war of aggression. Russia invaded Ukraine full-scale on February 24, 2022.

Fresh According to the US administration, the sanctions package is the most extensive to date, but “just the beginning”, reported Reuters.

According to Biden, the sanctions are aimed at “persons who are connected to Navalny's imprisonment and also to the Russian financial sector, the defense industry [ja] to procurement networks”. In addition, the sanctions are meant to hit “sanctions evaders in different continents”.

As part of the package, the United States imposes new export restrictions on around 100 companies, the purpose of which is to make it difficult for the Russian military industry to operate.

Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said, according to Reuters, that the new sanctions target Russia's “vital interests” but that Russia will not relent.

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