Paralympics Santeri Kiiveri made Finnish history: paralympic silver in alpine skiing

The medal is Finland’s first all-time Paralympic alpine skiing.

Alpine skier Santeri Kiiveri made Finnish paralympic history on Monday.

Kiiveri was the first Finn to win an alpine skiing paralympic medal, a silver in the Beijing Paralympics.

The parade sports of the helmet are the technical slalom and slalom. In the Alpine Combine, a round of super-G is counted first, followed by a round of slalom.

The helmet was third after the super-slalom, and on the slalom leg he improved to another place by rising to paralympic silver.

“I knew in advance that if I succeeded, I would be able to be high even after the super-G, when a couple of tough speed reducers were gone, but in the end it went even better than I dared to think,” Kiiveri commented in a press release from the Finnish Paralympic Committee.

“It was important to get all the hundredths squeezed in the super-G, that’s how close a couple of guys came from there.”

French Arthur Bauchet also held the top spot in the slalom and finally defeated Kiiver in 4.22 seconds. New Zealand Adam Hall was in bronze after losing to the Helmet for 0.29 seconds.

“The idea in the slalom was that the first piece is taken full and the final piece is only counted smartly,” Kiiveri analyzes.

The slalom was counted in reverse order, so Kiiveri knew he was sure to be on the medals when he came to the finish line when the name was first on the list.

The helmet was already pretty sure of the silver medal at that point.

“That’s why I ventilated so hard when I got to the finish line. Second in the Swiss after Super-G Theo Gmuer there has been no decline in technology in recent years, Helmet said.

“This was the maximum I could get. The medals went to the right men. ”

According to Helmet, the medal is of huge importance to him. It is a reward for a job well done.

“Four years ago, I said I’m here with medals, and here we are now. When the medal came from the Alpine Combined, you can go to the big slalom and slalom ahead in a rather stress-free way. ”

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