HSY | The pictures and graphics show: This is how the drinking water supply of a hundred thousand inhabitants was paralyzed in Espoo

This is how Espoo's extensive pipe failure progressed and paralyzed the drinking water supply of a hundred thousand residents.

Espoo a broken pipe managed to drain thousands of cubic meters of water into the nearby streets during Monday: in total, as much as four swimming pools. HS compiled pictures and graphs of the different stages of a pipe break.

Turuntie the main water main broke on Monday afternoon around 3 pm in Espoo. Water flooded Turuntie and nearby streets.

The pipe broke in eastern Espoo along Turuntie near the Hannu Olavinpoja road intersection. At the point of the pipe break, the light traffic lane on the north side of Turuntie is now cut off.

There is a large pit where the pipe is being examined and repaired.

The pipe damage was repaired on Tuesday morning.

A broken pipe cut off the light traffic lane.

The broken pipe is a main water main with a diameter of 600 millimeters, which runs from the place of the break in Turuntie to the northeast towards Mäkkylä.

It is a pipe slightly smaller than the main water pipe. A thicker trunk water main brings water to Espoo from the purification plants located in Pitkäkoski and Old Town.

How much water was able to drain from the pipe?

About 10,000 cubic meters of water flowed from the broken pipe, or about four Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Locally, a broken pipe cut off the light traffic lane, which has a pothole in the middle. In addition, a lot of water has accumulated on the Hannu Olavinpoja road underpass, which has frozen.

The water leak also temporarily disturbed the car traffic on Turuntie on Monday, when water poured onto the road for about a hundred meters.

What were the effects of the damage?

Drinking water had to be boiled in a large part of eastern Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa Linnaiin. Tap water had to be boiled for at least five minutes before it could be drunk. The call to cook affected about 100,000 people.

The pipe damage affected a large part of Espoo.

The water used in the coffee and kettles also had to be boiled first. You could also drink boiled water after it had cooled down.

Unboiled water was used for washing and washing clothes. Rinsing food such as fruits and vegetables and brushing teeth should be done with boiled and cooled water.

Correction February 20, 2024 at 6:38 p.m.: The pipe break happened in eastern Espoo, not in western Espoo, as was erroneously written in the story at first.

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