HS Turku | The people of Turku prefer names beginning with F – There is a historical reason in the background

Turku organized a vote on the name of the new Music Hall. Fuuga was voted the winner. According to the dialect expert, the prevalence of names beginning with F is natural for the Turku dialect.

Turku the future Musiikkitalo will be called Fuuga. Turku organized a naming contest for the concert hall to be built on the banks of the Aura River, where the townspeople could vote on four alternatives. Voting ended on Thursday and Fuuga collected 37 percent of the votes.

The other options were Aura, Harmony and Chord. A total of more than 1,700 votes were cast.

Those who voted found Aura suitable for Turku’s language landscape. On the other hand, Sintu was supported because Finland’s first record factory was founded in Turku under that name. Harmonia was praised for its music-related inspirations. Many voters justified Fuuga by the fact that it fits the line of Turku’s recent name.

The city of Turku announced on Friday that the official name of the Music Hall will be Turku Music Hall Fuuga. The Swedish name was Åbo Musikhus Fuuga, but Friday Svenska Yle reportsthat the Swedish name will be Åbo Musikhus Fuga.

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The Turku music hall project has suffered from budget challenges. The original price estimate of 60 million was considered expensive by many. At the end of the year, the council had to agree that the price estimate would rise to nearly 90 million euros.

The fugue continues In Turku in recent years, a trend where public objects are named with names starting with the letter F. The most famous example is probably the infamous Funicular, i.e. the Kakola slope lift. It started its intermittent operation in the spring of 2019.

Public transport in Turku is known as Föli. Because of that, last summer, the city streets were pedaled on shared city bikes, or fölläri. The traffic is also connected to Turku’s landmark, the river ferry Föri. Fabriikki is a recently completed residential area next to Logomo in Turku.

There is a natural explanation for names beginning with F, says the chairman of the dialect section of the Turku club Esa Laukkanen.

“The explanation is Swedish.”

“Sweden has had such a long influence on the Turku dialect that many words in Turku have an F-beginning variation.”

According to Laukkanen, a similar phenomenon to the same extent cannot be found in other dialect areas.

“Turku’s fine is fine. Felt is felt. And the violin here is a violin, which comes directly from Sweden,” Laukkanen lists.

“There are a huge number of these examples, although a large part are words that are no longer actively used. A person from Turku speaks, for example, about fläski sauces with aplomb.”

Laukkanen praises that Fuuga creates a nice analogy to other names beginning with F in Turku. However, the name does not receive praise.

“There, it’s a name where anything else is,” he says.

Would an expert in the Turku dialect have wished for another name for the music hall?

“Well, since I live here in Kaarina, I feel that the people of Turku can name their houses however they want.”

16.12. at 12:33 Added a mention of the official form of the name Musiikkitalo.

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