Hockey Mikko Rantanen was lucky to hit with force and cut a long pipe

Alexander Barkov was effective as Florida bell-ringed his guests in Pittsburgh.

Colorado Avanlanchen Mikko Rantanen finally got across the longest goalless season of the season in the hockey NHL the night before Wednesday in Finnish time.

Rantanen, who had lost a goal in the previous eight games, scored and scored another as his club, Colorado Avalanche, suffered a bitter 3-5 loss against the New Jersey Devils.

Colorado would already be in a 3-0 lead in the second set of the match, but New Jersey pushed behind three goals and passed. The final batch was started with a tie, and the hosts’ winning goal was hit with force Nathan Bastian.

Rantanen got his entry point in the opening quarter of the opening round with his chain mate Nathan MacKinnonin To a 1-0 goal with a superiority, and managed to shoot himself a 2-0 hit a few minutes later by a superiority directly from MacKinnon’s pass. The shot of the Finn sank to the finish of the pole and the Devils guard Nico Dawsin through the back.

Rantanen now has a capacity of 27 + 40 = 67 for this season. He is the ninth best player in the NHL points exchange on the Finnish players. Prior to that, the longest goal-free period of his season was four matches.

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Colorado continues to lose the top spot in the western block and the entire league despite the loss.

Florida Panthers in turn, he returned to the top of the East Group, claiming a 4-3 away win against Pittsburgh Penguins, one of the top teams in the block. Captain Panthers Alexander Barkov recorded two entry points.

Pittsburgh rose from two goals to a 2-to-2 tie in the second set, but Florida took the lead again. Superstar Sidney Crosby brought home a goal for two minutes before the end, but the Penguins could not get any closer.

Barkov has a size of 26 + 31 = 57. A total of 12 points have been scored in the last six games.

Florida, which has taken four consecutive victories, is at the top of the Eastern Block in a tie with Carolina Hurricanes. Pittsburgh is fifth in the eastern block, six points from this duo.

Washington Capitalsin russian striker Alexander Ovethkin rose to a split third place in the hockey NHL all-time goal scorer stats.

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Ovveth also hit an empty goal as Washington won the Calgary Flames away 5-4. He was hit 36th in the season and 766th in his career in the NHL regular season.

The Russian rose in the all-time statistics to the levels of the Czech Jaromir Jagrin with. The Canadians are no longer ahead Wayne Gretzky (894 goals) and Gordie Howe (801).

Ovethki has also been in the spotlight in recent days because of the war in Ukraine, as he has become known as the President of Russia. Vladimir Putin as a supporter.

“The situation is difficult. I have a family in Russia and the situation is frightening. But there is nothing we can do, we just have to hope that this will end soon and that everything is fine again, ”Ovethkin said the other week after the war began.

Based on social media, the audience booed Ovethkin somewhat in Calgary.

Detroit Red Wings experienced real humiliation at home as Arizona Coyotes, a league-wide tail, claimed a 9-2 win over Michigan.

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The defeat is one of Detroit’s ugliest this millennium. The Red Wings defense has been leaking in the backyard before this season, with Toronto knocking down Detroit guests 10-7 the second week.

Arizona is out of the playoffs, but has gotten into a great finish line. In his previous game, Coyotes won 8–5 in Ottawa, so the team has now scored 17 goals in two games.

Against Detroit, the Arizona powerhouse had hit a score of 2 + 2 Nick Schmaltz.

Leading the NHL paint exchange Auston Matthews was back in awe when his team Toronto Maple Leafs beat Seattle Kraken, one of the weakest teams in the series, 6-4. At that, Matthews was noted down for a hat trick!

The Philadelphia Flyers, one of the eastern tail teams, managed to surprise the Vegas Golden Knights 2-1 at home.

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