Gallup | Entrepreneurs' support for the unpaid first day of sick leave is still solid

The support of entrepreneurs does not seem to have wavered, even with extensive strikes.

Entrepreneurs support for unemployment on the first day of sick leave remains strong, says Suomen Yrittäjie's latest Yrittäjägallup.

According to a Gallup poll conducted in mid-February, 65 percent of entrepreneurs support the proposal planned by the government. In the beginning of November in the conducted poll, the support was around 66 percent.

24 percent of the respondents said they were against the first day of sick leave being unpaid, ten percent could not say their opinion.

The support of entrepreneurs does not seem to have wavered even with extensive strikes. The unemployment of the first day of sick leave is supported the most in companies employing more than ten people (80 percent) and among industries in industry (82 percent) and construction (80 percent).

“The small employer's burden of sick pay must be lightened in one way or another if we want small employers at all,” says the CEO of Suomen Yrittäjie in the press release. Mikael Pentikäinen.

The government's plans gather the least support among companies in the capital region (45 percent), professional services (50 percent) and sole proprietors (55 percent).

Men support the show more than women, although more than half of both groups support the show.

Research company 1,339 representatives of small and medium-sized companies responded to a survey conducted by Verian between 7 and 13. February. The confidence interval of the research results is 2.7 percentage points in each direction. The research question was: Should the first sick day be unpaid?

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