Castle party | HS follows the costume splendor of Linna’s celebrations moment by moment

Style experts Enni Koistinen and Kirsikka Simberg, who comment on costumes for Helsingin Sanomat, expect to see personal outfits.

The castle the party’s red carpet is the stage for Finnish design and craftsmanship.

HS follows the costume splendor of the party moment by moment. The follow-up can be found at the end of the article.

Style experts comment on suits for Helsingin Sanomat Enni Koistinen and Cherry Simberg. Koistinen is a graphic designer by background, while Simberg studied at the prestigious London College of Fashion. Together they host Double uppodcast that focuses on Hollywood celebrities and the glamor of red carpets.

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The castle the party is celebrated today with the theme of times change.

The theme is ambiguous, so according to Simberg it is difficult to assess how it will be reflected in clothing. Can it be seen?

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According to Koistinen, it is probably quite difficult to dress up the theme of the year. However, she hopes that it doesn’t necessarily mean that the dress has to be changed every year.

“Even though the theme is that times are changing, I hope it doesn’t mean that politicians who have visited the Linna party for several years won’t buy a new outfit there every year.”

Simberg would hope that gender norms would be violated today in the costumes of the Linna celebrations. The world has already seen men in evening suits, so why not here too? Simberg thinks that dress code can be broken – at least up to a point. Koistinen would also like to see a man in an evening suit at Linna’s party.

The dress code for parties in the castle is a party dress. These include a long evening dress, a national dress tailcoat, a dark suit or an official dress equivalent to a party dress.

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According to Koistinen, etiquette can be broken within the limits of celebration.

“At good parties, there are always a few people who break it,” says Koistinen.

Simberg expects to see guests at Linna who manage to balance between what is characteristic of their clothing and what is appropriate within the boundaries of etiquette on the one hand.

“Dressing should be respectful, the general vibe should be such that the guest doesn’t shudder because of shrugging,” says Simberg.

Koistinen hopes to see personal outfits that match the style of the wearer at Linna’s party. According to him, there is no need to follow trends or fashion. In addition, Koistinen’s attention is drawn to jewelry. According to him, they are often overlooked at parties.

In the past In recent years, the red carpet of the Presidential Palace has seen more and more reused suits or outfits with recycled materials. Simberg believes that the trend will continue.

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In Simberg’s opinion, the idea that you should get a new outfit for every party is outdated.

“It only increases the value of the garment that it can be worn again and again.”

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