Threatened fines | So much waste was transported to the vacation spot in Helsinki that it is already threatening safety

A collection of scraps resembling a private landfill has accumulated in Vartiosaari, Helsinki, and they are trying to get rid of it with a threatened fine.

from Helsinki In the idyll of Vartiosaari, cherished as a pearl in the archipelago, a yard hides various rubbish.

At least car tires, a watercraft, a rail, barrels, canisters, demolition goods and mixed metal goods and other junk have been stored in the yard of the private farm.

The farm’s building has also started to be renovated, and scaffolding has been erected around it.

Miscellaneous items are stored in the yard in Vartiosaari.

Littering was revealed to the city already in June 2019. According to the city’s observations, “all kinds of junk” has been collected in the area of ​​the property, which has been transported to the island.

The debris on the beach has also been washed into the sea as the water rises. Based on the pictures, the piles of waste can be seen spread over a very large area on the plot.

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Information about the situation reached the city’s building control in July 2019. The building control visited the site in August 2019.

Almost three years passed, and the next visit was in May 2022.

Now the owners of the farm are being obliged to remove the goods stored in the yard under the threat of a fine. The imposition of the obligation will be considered by the Environment and Permits Division of the Helsinki City Environment Board on Thursday.

By the end of May, the yard must be cleaned. The goods used in the renovation must be stored in a pile under the tarpaulins.

The city of Helsinki is obliging property owners to clean up their yards.

Each owner of the farm is subject to a fine of 4,000 euros and an additional 1,000 euros for each month in which the obligation has not been complied with.

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In addition, a 2,000-euro inspection fee will be charged instead of the city’s control measures.

Space the representatives have responded to building control services in the summer and early fall of 2022. They have presented a work plan and schedule estimate for cleaning.

In October 2022, building control visited Vartiosaari and found that the building’s surroundings are still untidy with all kinds of debris.

According to the city’s assessment, yard land causes environmental harm, endangers fire safety and makes the environment yellow.

According to the city of Helsinki, a littered yard area causes environmental damage and endangers fire safety.

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