Public transport | The entrance to the metro station in the center of Helsinki was closed

The entrance is closed due to a water hazard, announced HSL.

HSL announced on Friday afternoon message service in Xthat the F entrance of the Rautatientori metro station at the Lasipalats tram stop is closed.

“It's obviously due to some type of water hazard,” HSL's communications expert Johannes Laitila tells.

Laitila confirms that the underlying reasons for closing the entrance are related to weather conditions.

“I bet that, for example, some drains might be blocked or something similar when that water comes in quite a lot and there is still ice on the streets,” says Laitila.

The entrance is located at the Lasipalats tram stop between the two large shopping centers Forum and Sokos.

Inside the closed passage is a bucket into which water drips from the ceiling of the corridor.

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