Movie review | Actors known for supporting roles get to tear up in Kaisa El Ramly’s groping first child

First-time director Kaisa El Ramly lets the actors express themselves as in a radio theater.

Comedy drama

Escapes & dreams. Directed by Kaisa El Ramly. 82 min. K12.

Kaisa El Ramlyn debut film, as the name suggests, escapes and strays.

Escapes & dreams contains a series of short dramas that are tried to be tied together at the scene, on a Finnish highway.

The most important thing in the work is not the goal or the journey, but sitting. Therefore, instead of a road movie, it could be classified as a front seat movie. Behind the windshield, the siblings argue and the couple worries.

The old comedy duo is having fun while cracking jokes, in which the year 1975 is nostalgic.

It is also the year of the director’s birth. Kaisa El Ramly has come an unusually long way before his first directorial debut. Already at the turn of the century, he graduated as an actor in Prague and later as a film director from Aalto University.

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El Ramly has written a script about fears, forgetting and loneliness. Age crises are enough.

Unfortunately, the laughs of the drama-comedy strain and the pain of life sinks into pathos.

Pakoja & haaveita is an actors’ film. Pictured are Sanna (Erja Manto) and Seija (Sari Mallinen).

Escapes & dreams is definitely the work of the actors. Actors known for supporting roles, such as Jarkko Pajunen and Sari Mällinen, are allowed to tear. Long conversations culminate in hysteria, shouting, or something in between. Many arguments would work as such in radio theater.

The image alternately cuts to faces and allows the actor to change his emotional state. The monotonous venue is brightened up with special angles, for example from the level of the gear stick. Sometimes one of the characters gets out of the car and is then searched for.

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The end result is like connecting Markku Pölönen most difficult movies: On the road to Emmaus -gravel mixing and Rally track– kahausrillumarein.

In the movie there are a few cheers. Featuring a mysterious hitchhiker Erkki Saarela gets the same diabolical laugh that made him a favorite comedian Instrument costsin the series four decades ago.

Sometimes a foggy image wanders among rocks and rhizomes, while a mushroom-tripping dog figure tells about his feelings in Chinese. The surreal animation section of the animal gives a momentary break from the emotional work of the cockpits.

Swedish poet by Hans Appelqvist the horn music blares as the emotions are thrown into overdrive. The staging also underlines the caricature-like characters. In many scenes, flea market items are arranged like an art installation criticizing a consumption party.

At times, El Ramly tries to create rigid still lifes Roy Andersson see you, but hurry. Even worse is the Bergmanian final climax.

The feeling of strangeness is mainly created by the fact that all the cars drive at a considerable underspeed. It is difficult to see whether the slowness is due to technical necessity or artistic expression.

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From the beginning, it is hinted that the car is headed for a crash, but the threat cannot be raised.

Script by Kaisa El Ramly, producers Klaus Heydemann, Erik Andersson, starring Robert Enckell, Dick Idman, Lasse Karkjärvi, Hannu Kivioja, Erja Manto, Sari Mällinen, Erkki Saarela.

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