Investment | A stock market crash would benefit young people, says Antti Ilmanen, known as an investment genius.

According to Antti Ilmanen, psychological characteristics often distinguish between a good and a bad investor.

Antti Ilmanen is one of the most successful Finns on the international investment market. He predicts that the price slide will continue in the stock market, because the economic outlook is weak and inflation has not been brought under control.

One or two a passer-by turns to see who the celebrity is posing in front of the photographer in the center of Helsinki. The slim bespectacled man doesn’t look familiar, and Antti Ilmanen you can pose in peace.

Ilmane’s name and face should be known. PhD in finance from the University of Chicago, a decade at Salomon Brothers and then numerous positions in the world’s most famous hedge funds.

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