HS Vantaa | A video of a cat from Vantaa on a bus caused a stir on social media – Millions of views

Pluto the cat’s most viewed video has collected an incredible 3.8 million views on the video service Tiktok.

From Vantaa Pluto the cat has become a Tiktok phenomenon this winter.

Some-kat already has more than 13,000 followers and almost a million likes on the video service, even though there are only six videos.

The reason for the popularity is actually in one video. Pluto’s most viewed video has amassed an incredible 3.8 million views. That’s a tough number by any standards.

The recipe for a hit video is simple: the video shows pictures of a cat on a bus and Cats is Mars -piped music. The video is the main image of this story.

Pluto cat the owner is from Vantaa Kristiina Jönkkäri.

Jönkkäri from Vantaa and Pluto the cat travel on the bus regularly. Seeing a cat in a usually noisy and mundane environment brightens up the day for many travelers.

Jönkkäri says that the cat often falls into the laps of fellow passengers. Often it is also suitable for other passers-by.

“Pluto is quite a personality, a really brave and polite cat”, describes Jönkkäri.

What kind of is the main star of a hit video? Let the owner Jönkkäri tell you.

Already as a puppy, Pluto was clearly a social affair, Jönkkäri begins. One who took to new people in seconds and kept her claws hidden.

The mixed cat has a lot of Scottish straight ears, known for their sociability and cheerfulness.

Pluto is last summer’s puppies, so still young and ready to learn. Jönkkäri got the idea to take the cat to explore the outside world. First only with the apostolic ride.

At first, the trips were aimed at the immediate surroundings of the home in Tikkurila, but gradually the area expanded.

In the end, Jönkkäri tried to take the cat on the bus, for example to visit friends.

However, the first trip did not go as planned. Pluto was clearly upset, growled and tried to get out of the carrier.

“It’s quite understandable, you can’t see anything in such a small booth,” says Jönkkäri.

When the cowl was replaced with a harness and strap, the sound in the bell stopped.

Pluto takes it easy on the bus.

Slowly Pluto turned into a dream club for cat-loving bus passengers. It sits on Jönkkär’s or his boyfriend’s lap, looks around in peace or lies on the bench by itself.

Sometimes the trip gets a little boring for Pluto. Then it goes around the bus and examines fellow passengers. It even tries to get into my lap, at which point Jönkkäri asks for permission on behalf of Pluto.

But unknowns are approaching Pluto itself.

Jönkkäri has heard stories, especially from many older co-passengers, about their own cats. And if there has been a crying child on the bus, the reason for the crying has been forgotten when Pluto is there.

But how did the hit video get started?

One day, Jönkkäri decided to upload a photo collage of Pluto’s bus trip to Tiktok. Without much expectation, just to share a funny story.

Then it started happening.

“A few hours later, I looked, and there were already twenty thousand impressions.”

Now the video has indeed been watched almost four million times.

According to Jönkäri, Pluto has not been changed by publicity. The cat still travels regularly among regulars, regardless of Tiktok popularity.

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