HS Helsinki Bone discovery interrupts construction work in Kruununhaka – “A plumber came to ask what to do when bones are visible in a trench”

The discovery interrupted the excavation of the old roadbed in Kruununhaka.

Excavation work Kruununhaka’s Siltavuorenranta was interrupted on Thursday morning when bones began to rise from a depth of a couple of meters.

Municipal technology is being renewed on the north bank of the Kruununhaka, and a pit was being excavated for a stormwater concrete well. The site is connected to the Kruunusiltilta transport project.

“The plumber came to ask what to do when bones are visible in the trench,” the foreman Juha Innanen says.

Innanen went to examine the situation and saw that there were ribs and puddles among the bones.

“They were big enough that we thought they could have belonged to a human being. We were instructed to call the emergency center and call the police, ”says Innanen.

Innanen worked as a young man for three summers at Savonlinna Cemetery, so for the first time in her life she has never seen bones.

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“In the cemetery, people’s bones always came out when we dug new graves. You got used to them, even to the skulls, ”says Innanen.

A rainwater well was installed in the trench where the bones were found.

The police they came in the quarters, but they could not tell immediately whether the bones were human bones. Therefore, it was decided to dig more land.

More bones were found.

“The new bones were so big that we started to think they belonged to the horse. The large jaw confirmed this. However, we are also considering the option of including a handler with the horse, ”says Innanen.

Police collected a couple of garbage bags of bones for analysis and gave permission to continue working.

“Then I reportedly only need to call back if a skull the size of a human head is found.”

Bones there were so many that Innanen thought they belonged to at least four horses. The bodies of the horses had probably been burned because there was ash among the bones.

Innanen thinks that the bones ended up in the 1960s with the landfill.

“According to the police, there have been a lot of horse stables in Kruununhaka in the past,” says Innanen.

The bone dispute interrupted work for a couple of hours.

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