Reader opinion Human appearance really does matter

External habitus has an effect on the job search process, for example.

Annikka Mutanen column (HS 15.12.) Made me anxious what kind of appearance prison we really live in. It would be wonderful if I could agree with Mutanen’s view that appearance work should be left out rather than waste wasted time and precious time worrying about appearance.

My own experience shows that appearance really matters. I know I’m not alone in the swamp of appearance pressures.

Studies have demonstrably been able to show the effect of external habit on the job search process, for example. It is not to be said out loud that the employer’s – unconscious – decision-making is influenced by a silent face. What’s more comfortable than an employee who has a qualified supple and is still blessed with beauty.

I argue that everyone, at least when choosing a partner and friends, relies on the cruel-sounding face-to-face method, because appearance also basically affects whether one is bothered to continue socializing with a new acquaintance at all.

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Fortunately, in both relationships and employee selection, the whole is decisive, and I don’t think anyone will be able to look at a beautiful surface for long if there is a complete rot under the surface.

Sari Kupari

translator and interpreter, Vantaa

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